Learning Doesn’t Stop at the Ring of a School Bell

Most people would consider reading as a tedious, time consuming hobby and let’s be frank – who can blame them? With the awful way in which we are introduced to reading (cue a traditional school bell), it’s not surprising that a lot of us never get into the habit of reading in the first place. It is very unfortunate because reading helps expand your horizons and introduce you to novel ideas and so many distinctive worlds of imagination. After all, what is life if not a gradual collection of ideas and imagination?



If you actually stop and think about it, most of our learning does not happen at schools; it comes from everything else that surrounds us, from the people we interact with and the media we consume. Building social relations, understanding our own behavior and learning about different philosophies of life are not subjects covered by modern schooling systems. Hence, it all comes down to whether you are willing to learn about your interests yourself or not. Books offer the best gateway for this because they contain in depth and step wise information.

We expose ourselves to new ideologies and content that really interests us. It puts an end to the thought that learning is confined to classrooms and lecture halls only.


Reality is a cruel mistress. Have you ever felt stuck at work, home or even school? Have you ever felt like you need a small break from the reality around you? If yes then let me tell you that a good book is your portal to an alternate universe, free from your everyday monotonous slump.

It’s okay to want an escape from the worldly madness around you. You will find books to be a safe haven and a true companion who will accompany you on your adventurous escape from reality and help you recharge your energy.


It gives us more focus, and it’s a memory booster.

Regular reading has been seen to improve cognitive functions.

Just like working out boosts your muscles and your cardiovascular system, reading regularly is a workout routine for your brain. It improves memory and focus and helps you relax your mind. It also stalls the deteriorating effects of age on mental prowess, keeping minds sharper longer.

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