What are the Agile Software Development Methods

Agile software development methods are a group of development methodologies that help develop software through iterative development techniques. After the rejection of the old development methods such as water-fall or v-model due to over budget and missing deadlines the revolution of the agile development methods began in the 1990’s.  Its main focus areas are people […]


What are the ways Custom Software Development helps you save money

Nowadays if someone claims that one of the important resources for any modern business is Information Technology that won’t be wrong and the reason for an under-performing business is the use of software. So it is advisable to use the right custom software for your business to prosper. The right software has a cost which […]

Artificial Intelligence in Action

Artificial intelligence has gone from being the brain child of sci-fi authors to having full-scale real world applications in almost every walk of life. From self-driving cars to digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri, you are sure to meet AI everywhere you go! Who knew that computers would start thinking for themselves so soon? […]

Learning Doesn’t Stop at the Ring of a School Bell

Most people would consider reading as a tedious, time consuming hobby and let’s be frank – who can blame them? With the awful way in which we are introduced to reading (cue a traditional school bell), it’s not surprising that a lot of us never get into the habit of reading in the first place. […]