What to know about us?

System Development Division of HRS Network which is branded as “TechXcape” is a distinctive part of HRS Network. We provide comprehensive advisory and support in the development of Software, Web based Applications and Mobile Applications specifically according to the customized requirements of clients.

TechXcape also helps businesses in their brand development including but not limited to Website Designing, Website Development, Graphics, Videography, Animations, Digital Marketing and other technological solutions.

TechXcape being part of HRS Network has an edge of having a bank of Business Analysts, Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants and Professionals from a variety of industries who provide immediate support and help to our clients during the process of development of their customized software or application, whenever required.

TechXcape is here to turn you dreams into a reality. If your organization is keen to design, develop, implement and/or monitor systems, processes, softwares, applications in any of the department or function, we are here to facilitate you. Contact us for all your needs as well as for your customized requirements at .

About Digital Agency

We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them succeed in constantly changing and challenging business world.
Who We Are
Our focus is always user-experience

What makes us different from others is the quality of our professional team, a very talented leadership and unbounded culture. We provide our partners the flexibility and agility to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

How We Work
We bridge the gap between requirements and solution

Help our clients to build and launch innovative digital products that engage customers and drive revenue. Companies rely on "TechXcape" to help them stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

What We Like
Efficiency is the key to success

We like our core values such as innovation, passion, wisdom, curiosity, honesty, transparency and integrity in which we have majorly focused.

Leadership Team

It is our commitment to provide you with an end to end solution that is aligned with your objectives and puts you on the path to achieve long term success.


Unity is strength...
Techxcape and its team have been phenomenal with the work and I like the way head take the responsibilities of all small and big issues, Definitely going to come back soon for another project.
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